Haitian Vodou by Mambo Chita Tann

“Including history, practice, and insightful personal observations, Haitian Vodou is a welcome addition to the short list of accessible, authentic books on this religion. In addition to providing a comprehensive overview of Haitian Vodou, Mambo Chita Tann addresses cultural appropriation; racism, syncretism, the spread of Vodou beyond Haiti’s borders, and the possibility of respectfully encountering a living spiritual tradition that does not originate in one’s own culture. She writes honestly and compassionately about these contemporary issues, and gives the reader the background necessary to understand them. An essential read for anyone who is curious about or already engaged in the practice of not only Vodou, but any Afro-Caribbean tradition.”
— Saumya Arya Haas, Director, Headwaters/Delta Interfaith; Religion writer at The Huffington Post; and Contributing Scholar at State of Formation

“This is a great introduction to Vodou as practiced in Haiti. Mambo explains very clearly the structure of Vodou in Haiti and how to proceed to begin to practice this religion of serving the Lwa. Wonderful information about many of the major Lwa helps one understand them and their importance. Initiation is explained in a way that is very clear and one is shown the necessity of joining a societe in order to really learn how to serve the Lwa. Really good advice about how to avoid the pitfall of falling into the hands of charlatans and how to recognize a true Mambo or Houngan. All in all, this book is a MUST for anyone thinking about entering the path of Vodou as practiced in Haiti.”
– I.T., review

“Mambo Chita Tann has a unique voice that reaches out from the pages in such a way that you feel as if you are getting a private lesson from a warm, brilliant guide.”
– S.B., review

“Being Haitian-American and raised in the Vodou tradition I must admit this book is EXCELLENT for those wanting an intro to this very deep and complex religion… It gives you the basic on what to expect on a lot of subject areas.”
– W. E., review

“If it were possible to give this book six stars I would do just that. I love the way she makes the concepts of this beautiful faith understandable. A very good read from cover to cover. I still pull out my noted copy from time to time and reference it.”
– W. D., review